Hi there. I was gonna tell you today that the blog is moving. Or I could have told you about the sweater that is Almost! Finished! Will be shortly, now that I’ve received the additional skein of yarn that I needed for the last inch. Or about the business card concepts that I’ve put together for my hairstylist. But those things are going to wait for a couple of more days. Instead I’m going to tell you about this.


If you watch the news at all, you probably know that there’s stuff afoot at Wisconsin’s capitol these days. It’s kind of weird that we’re in the national headlines for days running. And I’m not the most politically charged person, so I’m not even going to get into my opinion of unions or rights or right and left or what I agree or disagree with here. I don’t feel this is the place for that, the place for that is elsewhere. I am, however, going to say how incredibly proud I am that people are speaking up. Peacefully, at that. It’s too bad that something has happened here to make it necessary for people to protest, but I believe people don’t protest enough. Maybe it’s hypocritical of me to say I don’t want to bring politics here to this blog, yet I wish people would speak out for themselves more often. I apologize for my hypocrisy. Perhaps it’s something I too am finding my way through. But I found myself getting quite emotional the other day, being in that group of tens of thousands of people, all within a few blocks’ area, peacefully standing up for what they believe in. Thank you, Wisconsin, for making me feel human.

Firefighters marching the capitol

So, with that short paragraph, I hope that I haven’t shoved anything distasteful down your throat, and that you will stay with me in the next few days, when I return with a finished sweater, some groovy business card designs, and a new home for this blog.