So I still had a bit more than a skein of that huge pink yarn laying around after I made that sweater, and I was thinking maybe a bulky earflap hat with pointy ears and pom poms would be fun. I did a bunch of searching for earflap hats, and found quite a few pointy ones, but only with one elfin point. Which, I’d like one of those someday, too, but I was really hoping for two pointy “ears.” Not sure if I’d have to wing it, on page 20ish I came across Haka, which was just exactly what I was going for. It had a chin strap and a button, which was totally cute, but I opted to modify it with icord tassels terminating in pompoms. Because, go big or go home, right?

Pom Poms

I love it, and was finished in only a few hours, and able to wear it with pride to Grilln’ for Peace last weekend, which, incidentally, has sort of turned into a fun hat party. I even got my picture taken by the Wisconsin State Journal! Although who knows if they published it, because I can’t find anything about it on their website. Oh well.

Grilln' 4 Peace 2011

(Thanks to Jodi for sending me this!, and to Nate for taking these pictures.)