Portrait of a spoon

I’ve decided to try a new way of logging inspiration.

I’ve tried so many things in the past. There was the time that I used to pull magazine pages out and save them to look at later, in a big pile, or more accurately, multiple piles all over the house that I would then never look at again. Then I used to email myself links and images for future reference. Like, really? I don’t ever go back and look at those, either. I started to print out typography emails that I get from the various internet type places that I’m subscribed to, because while I can’t go hog wild buying fonts all the time (as much as I’d like to), I always want to remember the ones that I liked upon first or second glance, or have an archive of fonts to look through when I’m looking for something for a project. But then I didn’t really do that either, and my laptop isn’t hooked up to the printer that often, so my list of fonts to print would get longer and longer and longer. And not get printed. And most recently I’ve been grabbing screen shots of things that are inspiring, design, typography, photography, even just color combinations, and saving them in folders. This has been working for me to a certain degree, because I can just open up a bunch of them and page through when I’m looking for some inspiration, and grab colors electronically. But I’ve got folders of images lying all over the place, on my work computer, my home computer, within different folders, etc. It’s not centralized.

Something I like to do before starting a design project is to build a mood board, a collection of images and things and colors and feelings that I feel I want to be represented within the final design project. Not elements to work IN, but elements to jump off FROM. I want the final project to look like it could fit into that mood board collection and not look out of place. I’ve been searching for a way to do this with all of the inspiration in my life.

Sometimes I have used this space as an inspiration hub, but that never really ended up being the primary focus. My presence here has turned into more of a day to day picture. I remember Erin posting awhile back about starting up a tumblr account, but at the time I wasn’t seeing how a second blog could be what I needed, so I held off. But now, I think I see it. I didn’t want to clutter up this space with a bunch of inspiration images, nor did I want to have to sort through here between blog posts and inspiration. But it seems to work for me to post those design and typography and color inspiration images over there. It’s like my own personal mood board.

So feel free to check it out, see what’s inspiring me on a day to day, or moment to moment, basis.

Also, I discovered the AIGA Design Archives a few months ago, and dang, that is an awesome place to go for some inspiration. And you can browse/search by color! Sah-weet.