The other day Emily wrote this post on the movie Stranger Than Fiction, and the infographics therein. I am not normally a Will Farrell watching kind of gal, but reading her words about this and then watching a bit of the opening and closing sequences induced me to put this movie on Netflix and have a gander. And I am glad I did.

Stranger Than Fiction Infographics
Screen shots from opening sequence. Image used with permission from Emily. Thanks!

I enjoyed the movie much more than I had anticipated. Will Farrell wasn’t the normal Will Farrell character, who, while hilarious, is sort of the same. Instead, his character was sweet, funny, and lovable. I also developed a girl-crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character, with her snarky wit, half sleeve tattooed arm, cookie baking, and real-life non-plasticized beauty.

Stranger Than Fiction infographics
Screenshots from closing sequence. Image used with permission from Emily. Thanks!

Everything else that I could say about the {amazingly cool} infographics, Emily pretty much hit on the head, and I’d hate to repeat any of it, when she has said it so eloquently already. So go read her post here. And watch the beginning and ending sequences that she referenced. And then, if you are as intrigued by it as I was, watch the movie. I think I may watch it again this weekend before returning it!

And, if you have a moment, go to the movie’s website, and click “enter the site” on the upper right corner, to go to the pretty groovy flash animated site. I especially liked dunking the cookies in the milk.

Thanks for the tip, Emily!

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